Saturday, January 8, 2011

Specialist advice requested...

The first of three rings called "Los Reyes"
This one is Balthazar.
It is almost finished, but I need some advice on the oxidation of the copper. I do not like the bright colour of the brushed copper, so I need oxidation on it. But:
- Should I wait for the natural oxidation to appear ?
- Should I do a black oxidation with lever of sulfer ?
- Should I (try to) do a green oxidation with vineger ?

All comments are welcome !



  1. Oo, very nice.

    I vote for LOS oxidation, then very lightly shined/polished with a brass rotary brush--it requires a careful touch to shine it up without removing the oxidation (test on some scrap first), but can be very cool if done well. Here are some examples where I've done that:

  2. Thanks Riv, I saw your pictures and the effect is great. I will do some experimenting with the technique, hope it works well for me too.