Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lost Dream Pendant 12

Oxidation or polish ?

For this pendant I doubted if I should oxidate or polish it.
Most people said "polish", that is so much easier to sell. So I did, but in my opinion the pendant lost depth after removing the oxidation and polishing it...

Am I right or am I wrong ?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lost Dream Pendant 11

The rotating disc in an arc turns out to be a bestseller !
Well, no problem, I'll make a series.
I decided to do different versions of this one, different pearls, different stones, subtle variations in the design. Until I get bored making them I guess...
Also have several drawings made of totally new designs, those will be attended to when I get back from my upcoming holiday ( yes!).

As many of you seem to enjoy my "making of..." pictures, I photographed the different stages of making the rotating disc of this one.

Hope you like it, and see you in a while !

Two circles of 30mm diameter each, 
cut out of a plate of 1mm thick Sterling silver.

Next, the decorations are cut out.

The metal is than heated witch makes the firescale appear.
The heating makes the metal softer to forge them into shallow domes.

Then the two parts are soldered together.

Pickled to remove the firescale, and brushed with a
green kitchen scrubbing pad.

Set and fixed in a bow with a black onyx pearl in the middle.