Thursday, June 10, 2010

Of two worlds

In my work there are two different directions. 
For one there is my work that is inspired by Industrial Art and the Steampunk genre, as most of the pieces shown in this blog. An other part of my work is totally different; There I search for the beauty of simple forms, straight lines and minimal design.
Some people may think that I have a split personality, because the two result from almost opposite philosophies. Anyway, I brought the two together in this piece and I find them communicating well... There can be harmony in opposites.


  1. That's something really new and amazing.

  2. ooh! ja!!
    weet je dat in de griekse mitologie (denk ik) van de trouw van Venus en Mars (liefde en oorlog) en ze hebben een dochter: harmonie.

    ... of zo iets was het

  3. They clash and complement each other. Very cool.