Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lost Dream Pendant 9 - - - - - - - - - - - - THE TRANSFORMER

OK, so this time there are no photographs of how this pendant was made. For a change I will explain to you what its function is !

Maybe you did not know, but every pendant of the Lost Dream series has a secret function that can be put to use by the wearer.
This pendant is a "Dream Transformer".

Let me explain: Everybody has dreams. I mean the kind you have when you are asleep. Not all of the dreams we have are pleasant, some are unhappy dreams or even real bad dreams. Well, this is where the "Transformer" comes in handy ! 
If you wear the "Transformer" during the day, it will absorb all the emotions that you experience that day. For a fact, these emotions trigger the dreams you have during sleep the following night. 
So this is how it works:  
If you place the "Transformer" pendant over your bed at night, or put it close to your head, it will act as a filter and transform the negative emotions into positive ones. Your bad dreams will be "transformed" into positive and happy dreams and further more the negative emotions will be transformed into good luck !

I know, this is pretty amazing...
There is one condition however! The person that wears the "Transformer" pendant must be open-minded to the unknown, may have no fear of his emotions and must have plenty of fantasy that she/he is willing to share with the ones she/he loves...

Simple, or not? 
Believer or not? 

No matter what you think of this, and no matter if you believe in its amazing functions or not, the "Transformer" pendant is a beautiful piece of jewellery that will look great on you. Any other wonderful things it might do to the wearer are a nice bonus.

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