Monday, February 15, 2010

Lost Dream Pendant 10

The Antique Look.
I made pendants with a rotating disc before, a bit similar to this one,
but this time I wanted to give it a real antique look.

You can give new (almost white) silver different patinas by oxidations. Depending on the product you use, the oxidation has a different colour. Sometimes more brownish and sometimes more grey or black. I wanted dark grey for this one, making the pendant  look old and used. It may sound complicated and difficult, but in fact I achieved the wanted effect dipping the finished piece in ordinary "bleach"...

The longer you let the silver rest in the bleach, the darker it gets. Scrubbing the oxidation off (partly) with a rough scourer makes it look used and old ass well.
Simple as that! 


  1. Very nice indeed! I really like the axis design thing going on!I must visit your etsy too.
    Thanks for visiting my bloggy I hope to keep you 'enthralled' ;)lol


  2. Thanks for the bleach tip.I learn something new every time I come here. (as an aspiring jeweller it helps a lot-thank you)