Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lost Dream Machine Pendant 8

For this pendant I made use for the first time of a patine on the silver.
A patine is a more or less controlled process of oxidation. 
I did a lot of experimenting before it came to this result...


First I made the pentagonal centre-part of the pendant in brass.
(It looks a bit like a stretched baseball but I call it "the nut".)
I liked the way that this material's oxidation during soldering.

The somewhat complicated fitting  for the nut came next.
Here you see it almost assembled, only the cup at the top is missing.

The basic parts of what is going to be the pendant.

The little cup that is going to support the onyx pearl soldered on the fitting
and the crown soldered to the nut.

And here's the complete pendant assembled, except for the onyx.
At this stage I notice that I do not like the colour of the brass as I did before...
So I am going to redo that part and use silver this time.
I can still decide afterwards witch I like more.

The "nut" redone in silver.
I definitly prefer this version, so now I only need to assemble the whole thing,
including the onyx pearl.

Et voilà !
Finished, cleaned up and photographed.


  1. Wow, that's beautiful. Thanks for the assembly pictures!

  2. I love to see working processes! mine are not nearly as pefect as your´s