Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lost Dream Machine Pendant 7

A look behind the scenes while making Lost Dream Pendant 7.
I am sure you understand that these are just a few steps of many in the complete process of creating this crafted piece of jewellery. 

In fact this pendant is a variation on the very first of the series. This time the backside of the centre part has a design that is cut out too.

First two rounds were cut out of a plate of Sterling silver.

First round is finished cutting now, all cutting is done with a handbow saw.
One more to go.

The two sides of the main body of the pendant are cut out and forged to domes. Next they will be soldered together. Due to heating there is now firescale (dark oxidation) on the silver. This will be removed later.

Here you see them soldered together.

The halfmoon-ring that will hold the centre part is now soldered too. The firescale was removed from the round disk, the difference is obvious. I also made two small round stoppers that will go at the ends of the axisof the round part.
The axis holds the onyx pearl.

All parts cleaned in special acids, now they only need assembling.

Finished and photographed on the mannequin.
Ready to go to the shop.


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  2. I LOVE seeing how this pendant was made! You are so talented! WOW!

  3. Thank You Marcus for sharing how you create your art.
    Wonderful !!!