Tuesday, December 8, 2009

LDME5 / Lost Dream Machine Earrings Nr.5

OK, so this time I wanted to make an eye-catcher !
The result are these Sterling silver earrings with glass taxidermist fox eyes.
Below you will find some photographs of different stages in the making.
As always, your comments are welcome.



This is one of the more detailed illustrator drawings of the earrings.

Different parts of the first (of two) cases that will hold the fox eyes are cut out of a plate of Sterling silver.


The strip of silver soldered to a band, this will be the side of the first case.

The main part of the first case is soldered. The metal blackened by firescale (oxidation that appears when heating silver with the torch). In contrast the bottom part is still bright and shiny.


I now soldered on the three tubes that will hold the rivets on the upper part of this case.


One case roughly finished and the second in process.


Now the soldering work on both cases is almost done. 

Here the earrings are finished. Unfortunately two pictures of the stages before where the pieces were cleaned and sanded and where the rivets were put in are too blury... Never the less I hope I gave you an idea of how these foxy earrings were produced. They are now "for sale"


  1. Oooh they're so creepy! (but lovely obv!!) Remind me of little tiny Sauron eyes!! Do you render all your designs on illustrator before you make them? I'm a student and we're supposed to use Rhino/Flamingo packages (if you've heard of them) for doing 3D rendering, but I much prefer Photoshop/Illustrator... not as technical but it works for me, seems to work very well for you too! xx

  2. Great post and great work ... seem real ... is creepy!!!!