Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here is one for HIM !

So often I am asked why all my jewellery is for woman.
Well, these are for MEN !

In fact I enjoyed making them. Most cufflinks I know are boring, so it is sort of a challenge to make non-boring cuffs. For me this was not so evident, I had to do research on how cuffs are constructed in a way that they fit the cuff of a shirt. 
No question using prefabricated ones to just ad some decoration, I wanted to make them from A to Z. Well, here's the result. Hope you like it.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

This is seldom seen...

I am not an untidy person.
Every time a piece is finished, I put all my tools back in place. Never the less, in a normal situation my workbench is far from how it looks here in the picture !
Every once in a while I feel the need to really clean up the workshop, and the toughest piece is always the bench. As you see it here, it is crubed and polished. Not a trace of metal remaining on the surface.
And that is not all. I cleaned up the computer area, the hammering bench and the drilling table. The floor, the shelves, the lot.
It is funny, but every time I do that, I can't wait to get to work again and... sure thing messing it all up.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lost Dream Pendant 6


Ok, I'll be honest... I made many pictures of the making of this pendant, but I changed my mind so many times about the details during the process that the pictures are not really useful. Personally I like the cooler-like setting of the amethyst. Think I will use that design in other pieces also, though it costed me sweat and tears to get is assembled to fit the stone nicely.

Friday, December 11, 2009

My museum première !

The catalogue arrived at my home today, so it is realy true...
One of my contemporary pieces, the Hologram3/3 ring, actually found his way to a museum exhibition.
This is the first time, so I am really exited about this.
If you happen to be in, or travel to Madrid in the next weeks, here's the link, might be interesting to go.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

LDME5 / Lost Dream Machine Earrings Nr.5

OK, so this time I wanted to make an eye-catcher !
The result are these Sterling silver earrings with glass taxidermist fox eyes.
Below you will find some photographs of different stages in the making.
As always, your comments are welcome.



This is one of the more detailed illustrator drawings of the earrings.

Different parts of the first (of two) cases that will hold the fox eyes are cut out of a plate of Sterling silver.


The strip of silver soldered to a band, this will be the side of the first case.

The main part of the first case is soldered. The metal blackened by firescale (oxidation that appears when heating silver with the torch). In contrast the bottom part is still bright and shiny.


I now soldered on the three tubes that will hold the rivets on the upper part of this case.


One case roughly finished and the second in process.


Now the soldering work on both cases is almost done. 

Here the earrings are finished. Unfortunately two pictures of the stages before where the pieces were cleaned and sanded and where the rivets were put in are too blury... Never the less I hope I gave you an idea of how these foxy earrings were produced. They are now "for sale"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The making of Lost Dream Machine Pendant 5

Promisses are to be kept !
So many people have no knowledge of how much work goes into a piece. As I mentioned earlier, many think that for instance a pendant is put together by pieces we find or buy somewhere. Well, to prove different I made a series of photographs of (some of) the different stages in making a pendant. I use traditional techniques like soldering and forging the silver, and explaining every single step in the process would go a bit far, so I photographed only the important steps of the creation of LDMP5 to give you an idea.

Rough sketch of the design as it developed in my mind...
Detailed illustrator drawing of the pendant to be.

I used a new plate of Sterling silver for this occasion.

The front and the back of the main body of the pendant cut out. Taking this picture was done in seconds... Cutting out the figures from the front-disc took me somewhat longer!

Then the two discs were forged to domes. As you can see the silver oxidises when heated by the torch and dark firescale builds up. Heating makes the metal (Sterling silver in this case) softer so it gets easier to forge it.


Something like ears were soldered on. the hinges will be soldered on to these afterwards.

Ok, now it starts to look like the pendant. The hinges were soldered on, the bezel for the stone was made together with the two sticks. The upper stick got two decorations at the ends. Everything is just laid together here, but at this stage I decided that the bottom stick is to large to my taste, so I am going to shorten that one to about half this size.


That's better. I put the 1/2mm wire around the sticks and shortened the bottom part.

Here it is all provisionally put together with the disc opened. the two parts of the disc can be opened and closed.


All put together nicely, hinges finished and everything pickled (in this process it is put into an acid to remove the oxidation/firescale) and closed this time...

This is what it looks like after sanding (pfff, time consuming!) and brushing to a nice mat shimmer appears on the silver.


Getting near the end now. This is the gem that needs to be put in.
It's a 11mm round CZ Amethyst.


Et voilà!
Now it only needs a chain and some final finishing.


LDMP5 ready to be purchased !