Saturday, November 28, 2009

No, not assembled.

Why do so many people think that the jewellery of this series is assembled from existing pieces? Well let me tell you: They are not assembled !
I know that one can buy parts, often made in China or India to assemble necklaces and earrings, but this is really not the case here.
Every piece is cut out from a plate of silver. I also draw my own wires.
Anyway, one can say only so much with words. I decided to do a photoseries of the next piece I am going to make to show the different stages in the process of making it.
So keep in touch, I will put it on my blog in the next days !

Here's an other piece of the series.
This pendant (in my fantasy) is a key to a old chest with dreams...

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  1. Hi Marco
    I saw you on flickr ...
    What a wonderful job, always I come back!!