Saturday, November 21, 2009

The first of the new series

Here it is, the very first piece of my new LOST DREAM MACHINE series. 
 Until now I made six items; Three pendants, one ring and two pairs of earrings.
With this series I am doing something different than before. I don't know exactly why... Guess I needed a change after devoting a lot of my creative time to the more contemporary work. This does not mean that I stop my experimental work, just that I have an urge to do other things at the side.
One should not exclude the other...

What about the Dream Machine?
Do you remember (that is, if you are about my age) the sort of "ancient science fiction"? I mean the science fiction as in Jules Vernes stories. Can you imagine the images that go with that? It is a particular art, a distinct way to be ancient and science fiction at the same time. Time machines, Dr Who, that sort of thing. It is that style, that atmosphere that I try to catch in this series. A bit like Steampunk, only not necessarily with found objects but with pieces I design and produce myself.
If you still have no idea of what I am talking about, maybe looking at my pieces will help.

The Lost Dream Machine series is to be sold online. So if you are interested ...  ;-)
For European customers i opened a shop at Dawanda, and for the USA there is my Etsy shop. Both shop offer the same items so it is simply a question of where you are based. You can find the links to both on the right side of this page. Just click to get there...

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